Operations and Administration

Here’s an overview of the internal workings of the ministry and the roles of various departments

Administration and Supplies Department

  • Taking charge of the general administration of the Ministry/Department/Agency;
  • Advising on general administration matters in the Ministry/Department/Agency;
  • Responsible for assisting in the formation of policies and their execution;
  • Ensuring the maintenance of discipline and cohesion in the Ministry/Department/ Agency;
  • Preparation of Annual Estimates of the Ministry and staff turnover in conjunction with the Directorate of Finance and Accounts;
  • Advising on all procurement activities of the Departments in the Ministry;
  • Maintaining the stores and Government inventories in conjunction with the Finance and Account Directorate;
  • Ensuring compliance with Due Process and the provision of the Procurement Act in all contracts and procurement in the Ministry/Department/Agency;
  • Supervising the Purchases and Supplies Section of the Ministry/Department/ Agency;
  • Responsible for general maintenance of Ministry/Department/Agency;
  • Interpreting extant rules-General Order, Finance Regulations and Civil Service Commission; Regulations and Establishment Circulars as may be related to the Directorate concerned;
  • Taking responsibility for such duties as Personnel Management, Project Analysis, Investment, Management, Finance Management and Management Services in the Ministry;
  • Coordination of training programmes of the Staff of the Ministry.

Finance and Account Department

Payment of Salaries and Salary related deductions:

  • Preparation of Nominal Roll for Staff, Public/Political Appointees as well as corps members;
  • Opening of Personal Emolument (PE) card for members of staff, Political Appointees as well as newly posted corps members. The incremental date was also effected;
  • Preparation of Payment Voucher for staff, Political Appointees and salary deductions;
  • Preparation and printing of payment slip belonging to public and Political Office holders and staff when requested;
  • Preparation and printing of pay and tax evidence for the processing of tax clearance certificate at Board of Internal Revenue;
  • Keeping and updating Department Vote Expenditure Analysis (DVEA) Book for Recurrent, Capital Expenditures and Consolidated Revenue Fund Charges (CRF);
  •   Payment of Gratuities to parastatals and Tertiary Institutions;
  • Preparation of Payment Voucher for Ministry’s Expenditure
  • Preparation of Cashbook and Bank Reconciliation Statement for all the Ministries Bank Accounts.
  • Correspondences with banks and other Financial Institutions on behalf of the Ministry.

Fiscal Research Department

  • Carrying out studies, analysis and diagnosis of Fiscal and Financial Operation of the State and disseminate the results to Government Institutions and General Public for use;
  • Dissemination of standard practices including international good practices that will promote greater efficiency in allocation and management of Public Expenditure, Revenue collection, Debt Control and Transparency in Fiscal Matters;
  •  Reconciliation of expenditure with a view to advising Government on realistic budgeting;
  • Development of multi-year Revenue Generation and Expenditure prioritization frame work;
  • Providing Consultancy service to Local Governments on Fiscal Operation;
  • To produce periodic reports of State’s Fiscal Performance.

Public Expenditure and Revenue Department

  • Release of warrant letters to MDAs after ensuring that, appropriate procedures have been complied by the MDAs;
  • Scrutinize Government expenditure to ensure compliance with extant rules and regulations guiding public spending;
  • Ensure proper authorization of all expenditure in accordance with the provision of current Budget;
  • To track records of all Government expenditure from Ministries/Departments/ Agencies (MDAs) for proper accountability;
  • Monthly report of activities of expenditure which will give insight of the financial State of the Government on various sector of economy;
  • Transparency and accountability of Government spending;
  • Collection, collation and analyzing revenue returns of various MDAs with a view to monitoring and assessing their performance;
  •  Processing of gratuities for Parastatals and Tertiary Institutions in the State;
  • Processing the commission of Revenue Consultants;
  • Monitor Revenue Generation and Accountability.

Debt Management Department

The Debt Management is saddled mainly with the responsibility of tracking the Governments profile (both external and domestic loans) and the preparation/processing of salary related request of Civil/Public/Political Appointees in the State including Subventions to Parastatals and Tertiary Institutions in the State.

Schedule of Duties/Functions

  • Monthly preparation and processing of Salary/Salary related request for Civil/Public and Political Appointees in the State including Subventions to Parastatals, State-owned Tertiary Institutions;
  • Maintain a reliable database of all loans taken or guaranteed by the State Government.
  • Prepare and Submit to State Government a forecast of loan service obligations for each financial year;
  • Prepare and implement a plan for the efficient management of the State External and Domestic Debt obligations at sustainable levels compatible with desired economic activities for the growth and development;
  • Verify/ service External Debt guaranteed by the Federal Government in collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Finance and Debt Management Office, Abuja;
  • Set guidelines for managing State Government financial risk and currency exposure with respect to all loans; and
  • Advise the State Government on the terms and conditions in which monies, whether local or foreign currency, are to be borrowed.
  •  Processing and payment of annual leave bonus of Civil/Public Servants in the State.
  • Processing and payment of monthly running cost to Ministries, Departments and Agencies and other Offices of Government.
  • Processing and payment of monthly Subvention to Parastatals and Tertiary Institutions in the State.
  • Processing of monthly pension request of retired Civil/Public Servants.
  • Processing of pension arrears of retired Civil/Public Servants