Objectives & Functions

At our ministry every unit and department is saddled with various objectives to ensure smooth running of the ministry as we serve the public. 

Financial Policies

To advice government on financial policies designed to facilitate effective management of the resources of the State.

Financial Report

To give intelligent and timely reports about the finances of the state government and to prepare monthly financial reports.

Control Expenditure

To control the expenditure of all Ministries and Departments and ensure strict compliance with the procedures in all Public finance/expenditures.

To Advise the Government

To advise Government on socio-economic issues.

Boost Revenue

To institute measures that will boost the Internally Generated Revenue of the State as well as ensure timely collection of all revenues accruing to the State.

Debt Management

To advise Government on multi-lateral/bilateral matters involving loans and debt management.

Conduct Research

To conduct research into financial and general economic issues, prepare and examine financial report, memoranda, position papers etc.